ConsenSys, Culture Chef,

Jose Caballer

Jose studied graphic design at Art Center College of Design and was then schooled “on the streets” of the .COM boom, at Razorfish one of the first Digital Agencies in the 90’s.

In 2001 he started his own pirate ship called The Groop, a digital agency he ran for 11 years. There he got his „Street MBA“ and got to work with diverse creative clients such as Al Gore, Jamie Oliver, Thomas Keller, Alice Waters, corporate clients like Disney and Nike and over 40 startups including recently launched One Drop. 

In 2012 he founded an education platform and channel on YouTube called The Skool, now TheFutur which grew into a movement to educate designers worldwide.

Today he combines his 20 years of design and businesses experience with his passion for teaching to help develop teams at ConsenSys a venture production studio and the leading technology firm in blockchain.

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15. November 2018

14:15 | Master Classes

English Master Class:
Speed up traction on your software (and other) projects:
How inclusion, rapid consensus and aligned action will transform your teams
Is decision making, alignment and team dynamics slowing down your technology initiatives? Maybe your teams are not as effective as you would want them to be? Are your projects delayed and take longer than expected? You’ve tried different frameworks and processes but they either take too long or don’t stick over time. In this fun and hands-on Master Class you will experience how to reach fast and effective alignment, include your whole team in the process and execute with aligned action.
You will experience and learn: 
  1. A fast and effective way to include everyone in creating a project vision
  2. How to create the best decision making criteria together
  3. Prioritizing your business goals continuous. Together!
  4. How to use rapid prototyping and iterations to win
This Master Class will be fast paced and entertaining and include hands-on exercises that you can use back in your office on Monday. Come learn one of the ways that ConsenSys one of the leading Blockchain organizations in the world is tackling the issue of inclusion, consensus and alignment for their projects.

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