ConsenSys, Head of Marketing for Europe

Patrick Degenhardt

Patrick Degenhardt leitet für ConsenSys die Marketingaktivitäten in der EMEA-Region. Das umfasst die Bereiche Branding, Community Management und Events, PR, Social Media, Performance Marketing und Content Marketing.

Patrick hat über 20 Jahre Erfahrung in der Gestaltung von Stories und Spaces, und schafft damit Marken , die Nutzer lieben und sich damit identifizieren,  als Unternehmer und in Rollen bei Unternehmen, Startups und einer gemeinnützigen Stiftung.

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15. November 2018

11:50 Uhr | Main Stage

Blockchain beyond the hype – Trust, decentralisation and the future of business. (English speech)
We’ll discuss how industries that are entirely different, such as finance, journalism, supply chain or music, are already benefiting from blockchain, through one commonality: the power of smart contracts. And the extra value that comes with it? Your data is your own, protected from those who harvest it for their own profit!
Moreover, we will also exemplify how ConsenSys, a leading startup in the field, is facing the challenge to walk the talk of blockchain: having no organigram, no bosses, providing unparalleled autonomy to the „mesh“, self organizing and fostering accountability. Do you want to catch a glimpse of the future of the working place? Or find out how decisions by consensus work in real life? Well, then come and participate in our session!
Note: this is what we will not cover in this session: technical elements of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and personal investments.

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