LexaTexer – next generation predictive analytics, Founder and CEO at LexaTexer

Günther Hoffmann

Guenther holds a PhD. (Dr.-Ing.) from Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and a MSc. (Dipl. Inf.) from Technische Universität Berlin. Guenther has spent more than 10 years in the USA working as a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); USA, at Duke University; USA and at City University of New York; USA. His startup LexaTexer has recently been named Top 100 innovators in Germany and has been part of Plug and Plays Startup Autobahn working with global leaders such as Daimler Benz AG.

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8. März 2019

14:55 | Hauptbühne

Industrie 4.0 @ Mercedes Operations: Die Startup – OEM Reise mit LexaTexer

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